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Reports Guide Parenting Arrangements

3rd July 2024

The  Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia often requests reports containing certain external evidence about what is best for the child/children when it is making arrangements for the children of parents who are divorcing. The RMB Lawyers Family & Relationships Law Division explains.

The Process of Filing for Divorce

12th April 2024

In Family Law, property settlements and divorce are often used as interchangeable phrases. However, the process of parties negotiating and separating their financial assets is a separate process to filing for a divorce. The RMB Lawyers Family & Relationships Law Division explains.

Shared Parental Responsibility Changes Loom

7th December 2023

The presumption that it is in a child’s best interests that after a family break-up parents have equal shared responsibility for major decisions affecting their children has been the cornerstone of Family Law in Australia. However, that could be about to change, as the RMB Lawyers Family & Relationships Law Division explains proposed amendments to the Act:

Steps to Lower International Abduction Risk

19th December 2022

Separation can be a time of heightened stress and anxiety for parents, particularly if one parent is a citizen of an overseas jurisdiction and/or the children of the relationship have passports in the other parent’s possession. RMB Lawyers Partner CLAIRE OSBORNE explains what can be done if you believe your children are at risk of being removed unlawfully from Australia.