Provision of Executor Services

In these days of increasingly complex family arrangements it is important to consider the difficult task you are asking the executor of your Will to take on when you die.

Potentially your Executor may be faced with some of the following decisions:

  • Where will the funeral service take place?
  • Do I arrange burial or cremation?
  • What insurances are in place?
  • Do I need to arrange and keep paid insurance on the house?
  • What outstanding accounts are there to be paid?
  • Do I need to organise to close bank accounts?
  • Do I need to transfer or sell shares?
  • Is there any life insurance?
  • Is there any superannuation?
  • Do I need to arrange Probate?
  • What happens with personal effects?
  • What do I do if one of the children want to challenge the Will?

Because Executors already lead busy lives and sometimes do not have the time to organise the administration of your estate we believe that you should consider whether you should appoint a professional Executor.

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