Paul Bartholomew

Paul Bartholomew

Full Name:Paul Bartholomew
Position:Senior Associate
Email Address:
Date joined RMB:October 2014


Paul holds a Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Commerce (Finance) from the University of Wollongong. He completed his Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice and is currently pursuing a Master of Applied Law (specialising in Commercial Litigation and Wills & Estates) at the College of Law.

Field(s) of Law:

Commercial Litigation, Estate Litigation; Leasing; and Wills & Estate

Professional Background:

Paul leads the Contested Wills and Estates division at RMB Lawyers, bringing extensive expertise in representing claimants, executors, and beneficiaries in a wide array of cases, including family provision claims, contested probate suits, and disputes stemming from estate administration. His practice also encompasses commercial litigation, commercial leasing, estate planning, testamentary capacity, complex estate administration, general equity, estoppel, and trusts.

Before joining the firm as a paralegal in 2014, Paul held various management positions in the equipment rental industry across Australia and the United Kingdom. In 2015 Paul co-founded and subsequently managed a legal outsourcing business with the partners of RMB Lawyers. This venture laid the foundation for a seamless transition into practising law when in 2019 Paul rejoined the firm as a solicitor. As a result of his unique commercial experience, Paul naturally brings a pragmatic and sensible approach to the practice of law, with a focus on helping clients resolve matters as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible, while being empathetic in client relationships.

Personal Details and Interests:

Outside of work Paul enjoys the outdoors exploring one of the many natural wonders (and cafés) of the NSW South Coast, toiling away in his local gym regretting the trip to said cafés, or learning everything he can about some new area of interest. A recent project was learning to trade equities.