Business Breakdown - Partnership and Corporate Disputes

There are thousands of businesses in Australia, whether they be a sole trader, partnership or company.

In any of those structures, there are often breakdowns in those relationships resulting in disputes in the business or by third parties.

The many areas of dispute can include the following:

  1. Partners or Directors who have a dispute with each other or in relation to any creditors;
  2. Partners or Directors who leave the business in difficult circumstances;
  3. Partners or Directors who want to enforce their legal rights in the business or exiting the business;
  4. Advice in relation to a non-performing Partner or Director or restraining a Partner or Director for working for a competitor;
  5. Resolving disputes with regards to any entitlements to any payments owed;
  6. Advising on preventative measures to ensure disputes are minimised by ensuring the appropriate agreement is in place with regards to a working partnership and shareholders agreements.