Where there are Orders in place for the care of children and one parent is in breach of these orders by failing to comply with said orders, it is open to the other parent to file a Contravention application with the Court. Should a Contravention Application be filed the Court will look at whether or not the parent in breach of the orders had a reasonable excuse for not following the Orders. The Court takes it very seriously when parents do not follow orders and should a person be found not to have a reasonable excuse the Court can impose the following:

  • Changing the current orders.
  • Ordering the person to go to a post separation parenting program.
  • Ordering the person to arrange makeup time for any time the child lost with the other parent.
  • Issuing the person with a fine.
  • Issuing the person with a Community Service Order.
  • Issuing the person with a Good Behaviour Bond.
  • Ordering the person to pay all or some of the legal costs of the other parent.
  • Ordering the person to pay all reasonable expenses the other parent had to pay for because they failed to follow the orders.
  • Imposing on the person a jail sentence.