Concern for child being taken out of Australia

If a parent is fearful that the other parent (or another person) may apply for a Passport for a child without their proper legal consent, it is possible to lodge a Child Alert Request at the Australian Passport Office.

Further, an Application could be made with the Court to have a Child Alert Order made. A Child Alert Request is valid for a period of twelve months and can be made up until the child turns eighteen years of age or as the Court otherwise directs.

A Child Alert Request warns the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade that there is a concern that someone may apply for an Australian Passport for a child without the proper legal consent of all necessary parties. If an application for an Australian Passport is made for a child that a Child Alert Request or a Child Alert Order has been made for, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade will notify the Court and/or the person that made the request. Orders can be made by way of final Orders or interim Orders for a request that the child is not taken out of the Commonwealth of Australia without the consent of both parents.