Amending Court Orders

If parents already have existing Court Orders in place regarding the parenting arrangements of their children, it is possible for these Orders to be amended in the future.

If the parents are able to reach an agreement by consent regarding the amendment of existing Orders, it is possible for a new agreement to be drafted into Consent Orders and filed with the Court.

In the event that the parties are not able to agree to a change of the existing Court Orders, the first step is for the parents to attend Family Dispute Resolution (mediation).

If an amicable agreement is not reached after participating in Family Dispute Resolution, a party may then make an application to the Court to alter the existing Orders.

In relation to amending existing Court Orders, the parent seeking the Orders to be amended must establish that there is a need for the Orders to be changed due to a significant change of circumstances. As in all cases where the Court makes Orders in relation to children, it is necessary that the Orders are in the best interests of the child/children.