Traffic Offences

Being charged with a traffic offence and having to appear in Court can be very complicated. RMB Lawyers prides itself on making these complicated situations easy for all concerned. This way we can provide you with more effective advice which will help you make the right decisions moving forward. It also helps you deal with the stress that usually follows these types of matters. The Honourable Courts look favourably on a no-nonsense approach to criminal matters.

There are a number of strategies that we can employ to put forward a strong defence to a criminal charge. These are all developed on a case-by-case basis; with an intimate understanding of the application of the law, the rules of evidence and procedures of the Courts.

RMB Lawyers prides itself on being local and having down to earth lawyers. This is how we define ourselves and this is how we approach traffic offences. We have the empathy to help you deal with the stress of facing a charge. We have the professional competence to put forward a strong case that will get you the best possible results.

The Criminal Law division provides excellence in all Local, District and Supreme Court matters. Our team appears regularly in the Local, District and Supreme Court, High Court, Children's Court and Industrial Tribunals. We appear in Courts and Tribunals right across Sydney, Wollongong, Shoalhaven, Nowra, Kiama, the Highlands around Moss Vale, Goulburn, Crookwell, Yass, Canberra and Queanbeyan.

Our Lawyers are experts in Traffic Law and have chosen it as a specialty area of Practice, including: