Building & Construction Disputes

RMB understand that sometimes disputes are inevitable and work towards achieving positive outcomes for our clients. We are experts in analysing problems, and providing practical and succinct advice to resolve disputes.

Building and construction can frequently be the source of disputes which involve disagreements concerning payment for work, responsibility for delays to work and liability for incomplete or defective work.

We have experience in acting for builders, homeowners, owners corporations, developers, architects, engineers, certifiers and building professionals in disputes.

RMB understand that for homeowners and owners corporations, involvement in a building dispute can be a particularly stressful time. After all, your home is the most valuable asset that you will own. That is why we are skilled in analysing your building contract, advising you of your rights and taking the appropriate action to resolve disputes with builders or contractors in a timely, cost effective manner.

Our industry knowledge means that we provide commercial and practical advice to builders and developers when defending claims or navigating complex disputes involving rights to payment, the enforcement of contracts or other issues which may arise over the life of a project.

We are experts at resolving disputes on a favourable basis both inside and outside of court. Where litigation is necessary, we can guide you through the court process by preparing your evidence, engaging skilled experts, analysing the other party’s evidence and providing you with clear concise advice.

RMB Lawyers has achieved successful results for its clients in the following jurisdictions:

  • NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal
  • Local Court of NSW
  • District Court of NSW
  • Supreme Court of NSW

Please do not hesitate to contact our office should you require assistance with a building and construction dispute. Our role as your lawyer is to ensure that you achieve the best result you can.