Energy generation in Australia is changing. The move away from traditional sources of power has meant not only new technology being deployed to meet demand, such as wind and solar generation, but that the optimal location for these assets is within a number of the rural communities we are members of.

At RMB Lawyers we understand the value of your home and land is more than its monetary value. We have a long and extensive history in acting to protect and enhance landowners’ interests in new energy projects (large and small) through the negotiation of licence and option agreements, lease agreements, neighbour agreements, easements, compulsory acquisitions and development agreements.

We have provided advice to landowners in the following projects:

  • All landowners in the Bango Wind Farm (which is in the construction phase installing the biggest wind turbines in Australia).
  • Collector Wind Farm.
  • Biala Wind Farm.
  • Crookwell 3 Wind Farm.
  • Taralga Wind Farm.
  • Jupiter Wind Farm.
  • Mountain Ash Solar Farm.
  • Project Energy Connect (PEC)
  • HumeLink Project.

We have the experience and expertise to advise you in respect of any of the following energy projects:

  • Wind farms.
  • Solar farms.
  • Transmission lines and substations.

If you would like to contact one of our energy team, please feel free to contact us by calling 1800 681 211.