Life Insurance Income Protection Claims

RMB Lawyers prides itself on an excellent reputation in acting for people who have been denied their claim by the insurance company. Often insurance companies will deny a claim on the basis of non-disclosure or that the definition under the policy has not been met.

In any insurance contract the insurer is able to deny the claim under the Insurance Contracts Act, the insurer is entitled to deny a claim if there is any matters which should have been disclosed to it, at the time of when the insurance policy has been entered into.

We have acted for many clients who have been faced with this awful situation, often in tragic circumstances.

We have managed to succeed for clients winning many millions of dollars, acting quickly and efficiently to ensure that their claim is resolved as quickly as possible. This has included both physical and/or psychological injuries.

We promise to deliver the following to you:

  1. To provide you with the appropriate advice immediately;
  2. To challenge the insurance company on any decision which, in our opinion is unreasonable;
  3. To issue proceedings as quickly as we can, to include any application to speed up the process by asking the Court to expedite the proceedings.

We act for you at all times acutely aware of the injuries that you suffered and do so respectful of your medical condition and other circumstances.