Paul Bartholomew

Paul Bartholomew

Full Name:Paul Bartholomew
Position:Associate – Commercial Litigation and Wills & Estates
Email Address:
Date joined RMB:October 2014


Bachelor of Laws; Bachelor of Commerce (Finance)

Field(s) of Law:

Commercial Litigation, Estate Litigation; Leasing; and Wills & Estate

Professional Background:

Prior to commencing his career in law, Paul spent several years working in management with a prominent equipment rental company where he specialised in retail location turnarounds in Australia and the United Kingdom.

Paul joined RMB in 2014 and began working on a new venture being undertaken by the firm. Since 2015, Paul has worked as Chief Operating Officer of RMB’s legal outsourcing business Unison Outsourcing, an innovative legal services comp[any that provides high volume, low margin document review and production services for in-house legal teams at some of the biggest organisations in the country.

During his tenure as COO of Unison Outsourcing, has overseen numerous large projects including the due diligence for the acquisition of a US law firm by an Australian firm, discovery in a large corporate fraud matter, managed-service contract review for a global financial institution and contract and lease abstraction of 2000 contracts for a large energy company.

Given his background in business and operations, Paul naturally takes a very commercial approach to the practice of law and enjoys working with commercial clients and in-house teams to provide legal solutions that appreciate and reflect on the commercial realities and challenges they face.

Personal Details and Interests:

Outside of work Paul enjoys the outdoors exploring one of the many natural wonders (and cafés) of the NSW South Coast, toiling away in his local gym regretting the trip to said cafés, or learning everything he can about some new area of interest. A recent project was learning to trade equities.