Coal Mine Subsidence Compensation Claims

The RMB team are the leading experts in making and pursuing compensation claims for home owners. We are involved in an advisory capacity to assist in the drafting of legislation to help better protect homeowners from the damage caused by coal mine subsidence. Protecting homeowners from loss is what drives us each and every day. We are your coal mine subsidence compensation lawyers.

We have a proven background in all aspects of coal mine subsidence compensation claims, ranging from the making of claims to pursuing claims in the Land & Environment Court. We can advise you on challenging a determination of SANSW and what steps to take to maximise your prospects of success. We liaise with a range of experts to obtain independent specialists reports including:

  • Expert geotechnical engineering reports
  • Expert engineering reports
  • Expert surveying reports
  • Expert builders reports

Before you make any claims or accept any offers on a claim for coal mine subsidence compensation, you should contact our expert team to obtain advice.

The RMB team can help with:

  • Advising on making claims.
  • Advice on challenging determinations of SANSW.
  • Obtaining independent engineering/geotechnical reports.
  • Filing appeals to Determinations.
  • Pursuing your claim through the Land & Environment Court.