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Threshold Injury Determinations can be Challenged

3rd July 2024
Category Compensation

People who receive what is known as threshold injuries in motor vehicle accidents in NSW may receive benefits to aid their recovery for up to 52 weeks. However, as the RMB Compensation Law Division explains, you can challenge an insurer’s decision to stop your benefits when that period ends:

Rehabilitation: Understand Your Rights

12th April 2024
Category Compensation

When a person is injured at work, it is usually a high priority of both the injured person and the insurance company to seek a return-to-work outcome. However, as the RMB Compensation Law Division explains, it is important to know your rights.

Engineered Stone Ban a World First

19th December 2023
Category Compensation

The decision to ban engineered stone in Australia because of the deadly risk to workers who deal with the product is a world-first. The RMB Compensation Law Division explains explains the importance of the decision.

Making a Compo Case for Medical Cannabis

26th October 2023
Category Compensation

Under Workers Compensation legislation, an employer is liable to pay for an injured workers reasonably necessary medical expenses. The RMB Compensation Law Division explains, this may include new and evolving treatments like medicinal cannabis.

How Compo Claims Work for Children

17th October 2023
Category Compensation

If your child been injured in a motor vehicle accident, they may be entitled for compensation for their physical and psychological injuries under the Motor Injuries Act 2017. The RMB Compensation Division explains how the Act works.

Compo for Work-Related Skin Cancer

19th December 2022
Category Compensation

As summer approaches and a new $10 million skin cancer campaign highlights the shockingly high rates of skin cancer in men, employers should review the extent to which they protect their workers. The RMB Compensation Division explains.

Casuals are Entitled to Compensation

7th November 2022
Category Compensation

Australia’s two million casual employees may not be entitled to the same annual and long-service leave benefits as their full-time or part-time colleagues, but casuals are entitled to compensation if injured at work. The RMB Compensation Division explains.