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Remote Witness Technology Now a Legal Reality

21st March 2022

COVID pushed many industries to explore new technology and methods of working. For the legal industry, the biggest changes included electronic signatures and remote witnessing of legal documents. The RMB Business & Commercial Transactions division explains that the changes have become permanent.

Responsibility to Act Quickly on Data Breaches

28th September 2020

Data breaches are security violations in which sensitive, protected or confidential data such as credit card and bank details, personal health records and intellectual property is copied, transmitted or stolen by unauthorised persons. The RMB Lawyers Business & Commercial Transactions division explains the process for companies or individuals that experience a data breach.

Commencing proceedings in the Local Court

5th July 2016

The process involved in Commencing proceedings in the Local Court - The Statement of Claim is a pleading containing the allegations made by the Plaintiff against the Defendant and the relief sought.  The court requires you to file the Statement of Claim with the Local Court and serve a stamped copy of the Statement of Claim on the Defendant within six months of filing.  The Statement of Claim should be served as soon as reasonably practicable.