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NSW Government Reviews Land Zoning Process

31st March 2022

The NSW Government has reviewed how Local Environmental Plans (LEPs) work in guiding planning decisions for local councils through zoning and development controls. RMB Planning Lawyer TANYA EMMETT explains that a new appeal process and other improvements will result from the review.

Planning Matters 2: Absence of Power

13th August 2013

The idea of the new planning system is to return power to local communities. Yet in a recent article in the SMH the Director General of Planning, Sam Haddad, is quoted as conceding that in the design of the new planning system the draft legislation actually reduces the community's ability to challenge 'bad' decisions more than the government had intended. What chance do we mugs have then to participate in this new planning system and of making a difference? Once in Mordor a ring was forged to rule them all. It seems that the bureaucrats in the Department of Planning have similar ideas.