Prohibited Drug Offences

Drug related offences are dealt with by the Courts all the time. There are very specific requirements that the Prosecuting authority has to meet in relation to drug related offences like possession and supply. For example, how can a person be sure that the drug they have is what they bargained for? A forensic analysis of the drug can be critical to a person's case. Also, if a person has a certain amount of a drug, the Police may regard it as possession for the purposes of supply and a person could be charged for 'deemed supply'. If you want to know more, in a confidential discussion, about how much of a certain drug you need to have to be charged for supply please feel free to 'Ask a Question' in the bottom right corner of this page.

Classifying the drug is absolutely critical. The process of forensically analysing must also be scrutinised. In any scenario, it will have a serious impact on the case. Therefore, the legal complexity in these types of charges cannot be dealt with haphazardly. We take every drug matter seriously, no matter the scale, in order to ensure that your matter is being dealt with fairly.