Professional Negligence Claims

In our lives, we often engage more than once a lawyer, an accountant, a business surveyor or architect.

When we pay for those services the law says that what you are provided with must be reasonable.

Sometimes unfortunately those relationships go wrong, and as a result you can suffer financial and other losses.

At RMB Lawyers, we have extensive experience in acting for clients in pursuing claims against those professionals, on the basis that they have failed in their obligations to you.

Most professionals that you engage will have an insurance policy who will normally deal with such a claim.

We are able to provide quick, efficient advice and to provide you with clear advice as to the steps you need to take.

These cases can be often very difficult, and lengthy, as they will often require other experts to provide their views as to whether or not the professional failed in his or her duties.

RMB Lawyers have also acted for professionals in giving advice and assisting them in relation to allegations that the failed in their obligations to provide their services with reasonable care and skill.  If you feel that you have a claim or that you need to defend a claim, then we ask that you please contact RMB Lawyers for a half an hour free advice with no obligations to discuss your matter further.

RMB Lawyers can be contacted on 4228 8288.