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Three Kinds of Caveats to Dispute Wills

6th December 2023

If you are concerned about the validity of a Will, filing a Caveat with the Court can reduce the chances of Probate being granted before your concerns are dealt with. There are three main categories of Caveats, as the RMB Lawyers Wills & Estates & Disputed Wills division explains

When and How Constructive Trusts Apply

23rd January 2023

Constructive trusts refer to relief which Courts grant through imposition of a “trust” over property to prevent a person (usually the owner) from retaining the full benefit, typically in circumstances where another person has made financial or non-financial contributions toward the property. The RMB Lawyers Wills & Estates & Disputed Wills explains.

Choosing an Executor for your Estate

4th November 2021

When you make a Will, you will choose someone to be yourexecutor – the person in charge of distributing your estate to the correct beneficiaries after you pass away. RMB Wills and Estates Division explains what you should consider when deciding on who you want as your Executor.

Beneficiaries of a Will Must be Kept Informed

4th November 2021

While an estate’s executor is the person most involved in an estate’s administration, this does not mean they can leave the people who stand to benefit from the estate assets(beneficiaries) in the dark throughout this process. RMB Wills and Estates Division explains:

Perpetual Succession a Matter of Trust

3rd March 2021

Trusts, including family trusts and unit trusts, are useful mechanisms to provide asset protection both throughout life and in estate planning, and also allow greater flexibility in tax planning. However, as RMB Lawyers Wills & Estates & Disputed Wills Division explains, it pays to understand the nature of perpetual succession:

Special Disability Trust

2nd September 2016

A Special Disability Trust is a trust established either by Deed or by Will.  For the purposes of this information we are discussing a Special Disability Trust established by a Will. It is a trust established for the benefit of one person whom suffers from an impairment or a disability.  In general terms the trust is designed to provide a source of income whilst not adversely affecting an individual's entitlements to a disability pension.