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Part-1: Corridor Controversy - How Our Community Will Be Affected

Posted 13-04-2018
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The Outer Sydney Orbital Corridor will have a dramatic impact on the Camden district community, as our Property Law division from RMB Lawyers Camden explains:

Most Camden residents will now be aware of the proposed route of the Outer Sydney Orbital corridor thanks to the fantastic job of raising awareness by The Outer Sydney Orbital Macarthur Action Group.

The State Government (Transport for NSW) released the proposed route of the Outer Sydney Orbital Corridor on 26 March.

The corridor will consist of a motorway and freight rail, and the proposed route transects our area  through Cobbitty, Camden, Cawdor and Menangle, cutting across homes, farms and the scenic landscape of the region.

The corridor will affect the communities in the above areas in various ways. Many people have aired their concerns in relation to the environmental, social and heritage impacts. Others are concerned about the implications of compulsory acquisition of their properties.

Here at RMB Lawyers, we share many of these concerns and plan to use our regular Law Matters column to keep residents informed of developments. We have considerable experience in Compulsory Acquisition Law and other legal aspects of the process.

We implore those affected by the proposed route to make submissions to Transport for NSW, either by commenting on its interactive map or through the online feedback form. The online link is https://www.transport.nsw.gov.au/corridors/oso and the deadline for feedback is June 1.

Over the coming weeks I will focus on the three distinct groups that will be affected by the corridor.

1: People or organisations that own land in which the proposed corridor is directly located; 2: People or organisations that own adjoining or neighbouring land to the proposed corridor; 3:The remainder of the community that will be affected by the proposed corridor.

Transport for NSW should have provided those in the first group with an information booklet which talks about the State Government "protecting corridors" from development.

So what does this mean? The Government recognises that it will take some time for construction to start on the proposed motorway/rail line, estimated at 10 – 20 years away. During this period the Government will not want the "corridor land" to be developed, as this will make it more difficult to construct the necessary infrastructure.

In our next column we will explain how this corridor protection will be achieved.

At RMB Lawyers we can provide advice in relation to the compulsory acquisition process or any other legal questions or concerns that you have with the proposed corridor.

Will your property be affected? You can contact us. We'll be able to help you via a quick phone call, ask us a question via email or even chatting with you online as time limits apply to these claims.