Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF) Services

Self-Managed Superannuation Set Up and Administration

RMB Lawyers has a high skill set in preparing all legal documentation required for setting up and administering SMSF's.

It is worth noting that the ATO is taking a closer look at the set up and administration of SMSF's. There are now more than 500,000 SMSF's in existence in Australia. It is important that your funds are set up properly and effectively, updated appropriately and administered expertly.

Self-Managed Super Fund Borrowing

Borrowing by SMSF requires a keen eye on the law relating to a significant batch of legal areas including superannuation, conveyancing, banking, trusts, stamp duty. It is very important to comply with the law and avoid extra tax imposts. Moreover the law in this area changes quickly. Many of the changes are not well publicised.

RMB Lawyers has been involved in hundreds of transactions with respect to SMSF borrowing.

Related Party Property Transfers

Residents of NSW and some other States are able to transfer business real estate that they hold in their personal name into their SMSF and pay minimal duty on the transfer. It is very important that these transfers are dealt with carefully and effectively.

Other Key Areas to Look At?

It is important to obtain expert advice concerning leasing of property owned by SMSF, borrowing money in the first place or refinancing an existing loan.

Self-Managed Super Fund Documents

If you are interested in setting up a new SMSF we prepare the trust deed and related documents to help you set up the fund. Just as importantly we help you in plain English to understand the obligations of the Trustee of the fund, your obligations to retain simple records, along with the many compliance obligations. Compliance must be well documented.

Self-Managed Super Fund Wills

It is important to know what happens to your super fund when you die. SMSF wills can provide important protection of your family's inheritance against former spouses and their creditors. It is also important to know that your loved ones that you leave behind will deal with you super in the way that you expect them to. SMSF wills are relatively inexpensive but are a very valuable to you, for protection of one of your most important assets once you die.

Inquiry by ATO

When the ATO brings an inquiry against your SMSF it is important to obtain expert advice in dealing with the ATO.

The ATO's officers are highly skilled in the area and it's important that you engage someone from your perspective who is equally skilled.