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RMB is pleased to offer you a cost effective simple will.

Our simple will allows you to appoint an executor and alternate executor and leave all your assets to either a nominated beneficiary or, if you are not single, to your spouse/partner. If you are not survived by your nominated beneficiary or your spouse/partner then your estate is left to your nominated alternate beneficiary or your children if any. The Will also provides if you have a number of children and one of them dies before you that child's children (your grandchildren) take the share that your child would have taken.

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Your executor is the person that looks after your estate after you die. Your executor provides documents to your lawyers and signs documents, is the contact person with the lawyer and distributes your estate in accordance with your Will..


Alternative Executor

If your Executor can't act.



Your Beneficiaries are the people that will inherit your money and assets when you die in accordance with your Will.

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