RMB Outsourcing

Building on the continued growth and success of the RMB Outsourcing Division, on 1 July 2015 RMB launched Unison Outsourcing, the first Australian owned and operated legal process outsourcing firm. 

With the RMB Outsourcing team at its core, Unison Outsourcing has now expanded into a full service outsourcing firm providing a suite of support services to law firms and in-house counsel from across the globe. 

Improved productivity

Outsourcing administrative and process driven legal work to Unison enables you to concentrate on delivering the high level services to your clients. Moreover Unison's pricing and fee structures will mean that you can be assured that your expenses for this type of work are reasonable and easy to manage.

Improved quality

Unison's team specialises in the carrying out legal processes and consistently provides high quality work with incredible speed and efficiency. Unison is also a law firm, which means Unison and its team of highly trained lawyers and support staff are held to the same high ethical and legal standards as other law firms in Australia. 


Unison becomes an arm of your practice so that you do not have to hire and fire in conditions of significant variation of work.

It allows you to use an innovative well regarded legally qualified Best Practice accredited law firm to perform overflow work for you with no hassle. This will significantly reduce your overheads, enhance productivity and keep your HR department happy.

Talent retention in your business

The work Unison will do for you are essentially work that your paralegals and junior practitioners would perform with the supervision of senior practitioners.

By referring your work to Unison your highly paid legal team can concentrate on producing high quality high end work for appropriate fees for your clients. 

This is likely to assist you in increasing your team's job satisfaction and subsequently your talent retention.



  1. Legal Documents

Unison specialises in the production of commercial transactional documents, requiring the understanding and application of law to a set of instructions with a high level of speed and accuracy.

Unison produces and advises on documents in the areas of:

  • Banking & finance
  • Insurance
  • Superannuation
  • Financial planning reports
  • Health 
  • Higher education
  • Property transactions
  • Business (Leasing & Franchising)
  1. Contract Review

Unison's Contracts Team has experience reviewing documents across a variety of areas including commercial, banking, media, procurement, employment, property, oil and gas, and town planning.

Services available include proofreading, redlining, summarising, risk analysis and amendment recommendations.

Unison also offers draft first round amendment letters to the other side saving you time preparing your initial advice.

  1. Contract Management 

Unison's specialised Contracts Team can add value to your business by reducing the low-value workload on your legal team, freeing them up to tackle the more complex and pressing matters they face.

Unison can summarise your executed contracts, identify obligations, notification requirements and key dates in order to create or update your contract database.

Once your CLM system is up-to-date Unison can provide ongoing support, monitoring and management of your contracts to ensure your rights and obligations are being fulfilled.

  1. Contract Negotiations

Most deal makers, be they sales reps, commercial advisors or business managers, are not lawyers. Once the deal is done often it's left to the in-house team to negotiate terms.

Unisons Contracts Team can help you improve this process. Unison will work with you to develop comprehensive contract playbooks that combine best practice methodology and your company's specific requirements to help your in-house team and deal makers increase efficiency.

Unison will also assist with the development of precedents, templates, fall-back provisions, operating procedures and in-house seminars to ensure maximum effectiveness.

Or if you prefer, Unison can manage the whole negotiation process on your behalf.

  1. Due Diligence 

Need to quickly and accurately assess a proposed target, or simply have a huge volume of documents that need to be reviewed? Unison's Due Diligence Team can help.

Once Unison receives your instructions they will begin by working with you to develop templates and reporting requirements. 

Unison then provides training to its team on the project's context, entities and confidentiality requirements. Following that they will begin producing high-quality document summaries at a rapid pace. All the summaries are catalogued and you are updated throughout the process of any significant information. Finally, a sign-off is completed once the project outcomes are achieved.

  1. Pre-Litigation Support 

Unison's Pre-Litigation Support Team can help take the headache out of the pre-litigation process by completing the arduous task of identifying, organising and categorising documents in your new matters.

Unison also provides a chronology of documents and/or a case risk assessment to assist you in determining how to proceed in a matter.

  1. Legal Administration

Unison's Back Office Support team stands ready to support your business in all its administrative needs. Unison's experienced and diverse team has skill sets across lawyer, paralegal and secretarial functions to ensure the right level of support is always available.

Unison can support your business with:

  • Digital transcription
  • Word processing
  • Drafting
  • Diary management
  • Corporate secretarial functions
  1. Legal Research

Need to know what the current legislation or case law is on a certain topic? Unison's Research Team is there to help.

Unison's Research Team has access to hundreds of legal and non-legal information databases to ensure you get the most up-to-date and accurate information, no matter what area or field.

The areas covered include:

  • Acts, Rules and Regulations
  • Case law
  • Industry journals
  • Proposed legislative amendments
  • Non-legal topics
  1. Boutique Support 

Unison's Boutique Support Team continues to passionately serve personal services firms and boutique operations that require increased capacity on an ad-hoc basis.

Unison produces and advises on a variety of personal services related documents including:

  • Wills, Power of Attorney and Enduring Guardianships
  • Discretionary and Bare Trust Deeds
  • SMSF Trust Deeds
  • All conveyancing documents
  • Leases and Licences
  • Shareholder and Partnership Agreements
  • Buy/Sell Agreements


For further information please visit the Unison website at:



RMB Lawyers

RMB Lawyers commenced operations in Crown Street Wollongong in 1885.

The firm now operates eight offices in Wollongong, Dapto, Shellharbour, Kiama, Nowra, Bowral, Camden and Sydney. It employs 100 people. RMB Outsourcing utilises a mix of our own in house lawyers and contract workers including lawyers, paralegals and law students.

Over the years the firm has built a reputation for ethics, legal skill and excellence across Regional Australia and beyond. 

RMB Lawyers decided to provide outsourcing services when the firm’s managing partner heard a number of stories from managing partners of the largest firms in Australia  indicating less than satisfactory outcomes when outsourcing to providers based in India, South Africa and Philippines.

RMB performed a cost benefit analysis and discovered outsourcing performed onshore in regional NSW could be provided at prices approximately the same as those by South Africa based providers and a little higher than India providers, with much higher quality and risk management than our offshore competitors given we are an Australian law firm with a proud 131 year history, with Law 9000 Best Practice Accreditation and risk management system in place.