Thomas Glancy

Thomas Glancy

Full Name:Thomas Glancy
Email Address:
Date joined RMB:January 2019


Thomas has Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Politics (Arts) degrees from the University of Wollongong.

Field(s) of Law:

Compensation & Personal Injury

Professional Background:

Thomas is passionate about helping clients to understand the technical aspects of Compensation Law, as he assists them to access the compensation to which they are entitled. He is motivated to ensure that claimants fully understand the system and their claims throughout the entirety of the claims process.

Personal Details and Interests:

Thomas has been involved in Tarrawanna Blueys Football Club from a young age, and is currently the first grade team manager. He is also a keen amateur boxer. Above all he enjoys spending time with friends and family, particularly his five nieces and nephews. He also loves to travel.