Martin Culleton

Martin Culleton

  • Full Name: Martin Culleton
  • Position: Partner
  • Email Address: 

Date joined RMB:

5 December 1999

Field(s) of Law:

As Head Partner of the Commercial Litigation Law Division, Martin leads a group of experienced and talented lawyers dedicated to assisting business clients to protect their rights and interests.

Martin’s team have been involved in a number of complex commercial matters, involving victims of crime, victims of fraud and deceptive conduct. They also have extensive experience in Local Government law, town planning law, intellectual property rights, business relationships and partnerships, employer/employee disagreements, debt collection, breach of contract and winding up of businesses.

Martin has established a reputation as one of the Illawarra’s leading Commercial Litigation lawyers.

Martin has widespread experience in all NSW Court jurisdictions including ICAC and the Australian Crime Commission.


Martin obtained a law degree in England and moved to Australia in 1998. He has also obtained a Masters in Insurance Law.

Professional Background:

Prior to immigrating to Australia and joining RMB, Martin qualified as a solicitor in the UK. Martin has extensive experience in the litigation area, and in all Local Court, District Court and Supreme Court levels of compensation matters.

Martin also has extensive advocacy experience, as well as a keen interest in local town planning and government work.

Personal Details and Interests:

Martin was born in London. He now lives in Australia with his young family and intends to remain in the Wollongong area.