Steven Mulhall

Steven Mulhall

  • Full Name: Steven Mulhall
  • Position: Lawyer
  • Email Address: 

Date joined RMB:

January 2021

Field(s) of Law:

Property Law and Commercial Law


Steven completed a Bachelor of Laws at Western Sydney University in 2015 and a Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice in 2016.

Professional Background:

Steven has extensive experience in property transactions for residential and commercial properties. He also has experience with put and call options, court-ordered sales (including acting for trustees), as well as providing advice regarding property disputes and contractual issues.

Steven also has extensive commercial experience covering commercial and retail leases, shareholder agreements, purchase and sale of businesses, franchise agreements, license agreements and commercial agreements in general.

He has a particular focus on helping people get their businesses up and running, and protecting their interests in those early stages.

He is also interested in the interaction between technology and the law, and how that affects businesses. He was involved in the Young Lawyers’ Communications, Entertainment and Technology Committee’s publication The Practitioners Guide to Social Media and the Law and was one of the authors of the chapter Selling with Social Media, having focused on the interaction of social media and Misleading and Deceptive Conduct laws in Australia. He has also contributed to submissions on issues such as the use of metadata in civil trials and contracting out of Technological Protection measures.

Personal Details and Interests:

Steven enjoys photography including underwater photography, exploring the South Coast, reading, and listening to podcasts and audiobooks.