Peta Taylor

Peta Taylor

  • Full Name: Peta Taylor
  • Position: Lawyer
  • Email Address: 

Date joined RMB:

April 2022

Field(s) of Law:

Peta works in the fields of Wills and Estates, Estate litigation, Guardianship and Family Law from RMB’s Queanbeyan office.


Peta graduated from the University of New England in 2015 with a combined Bachelor of Arts / Bachelor of Laws. She completed a Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice in 2016 and a Master of Applied Laws (Wills and Estates) in 2022, both through the College of Law.

After Peta completed her studies at the University of New England, she worked for the Commonwealth Government for several years in the Territories division, before moving to a private legal practice in rural Victoria. Before joining RMB’s Queanbeyan office she worked in specialised Family Law and Estates practice in Canberra city. She has represented clients in NSW, Victoria, the ACT and at a federal level.

Professional Background:

Peta recognises that at their core, Estates Law and Family Law are concerned with relationships and property. Her interest is in helping families to manage the transition of relationships and property efficiently, and to resolve disputes quickly if they arise. And better still, she helps families to put in place simple but effective documents which avoid disputes altogether.

She also enjoys helping company and individual clients to appoint alternate decision-makers, including once someone has lost the ability to make decisions for themselves.

Passion for law: Peta believes that the law is the ultimate service industry. She says there is so much good that lawyers can do for members of the community, by making seemingly impossible processes efficient, and acting with integrity and respect. She thrives on helping clients to find a solution, whether by providing a creative set of options to a problem, or just simply getting something done so that the client can move on.

Personal Details and Interests:

Peta is a member of the Canberran Alliance Francaise and the ACT Netball club. At the weekend, she can be found in the garden, at a nursery, reading a book or on an adventure with her husband and dogs. Peta also enjoys cooking and catching up with friends, and occasionally digs out her joggers for a run.