Anya Stock-Perry

Anya Stock-Perry

  • Full Name: Anya Stock-Perry
  • Position: Associate
  • Email Address: 

Date joined RMB:

April 2013

Field(s) of Law:

Family Law


University of Tasmania combined Arts/Law Degree, majoring in Sociology.

University of Tasmania Graduate Diploma of Legal Studies.

Professional Background:

Anya grew up in Western Australia and Tasmania.

Anya was admitted to the Supreme Court of Tasmania in 1994 and she predominantly worked in the field of Family Law in Tasmania until 2011. Anya was a Lecturer in “Introduction to Law” at the University of Tasmania Maritime School, and was also the Principal Solicitor at the Launceston Community Legal Centre, for many years.

Anya has also worked as a Disability Discrimination Advocate and has appeared in the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission (HREOC).

Anya also appeared as a Welfare Rights Advocate in front of the AAT.

From 2009 to 2011 Anya worked in Family Dispute Resolution, including Child Inclusive Mediation, with a view to helping families to continue to function as a family, for the sake of the children, once there had been a fundamental breakdown in the Family Unit.

Personal Details and Interests:

Anya is a qualified Reiki Master, Essential Oil Therapist, Bach Flower Remedy Practitioner and Permaculture Design Consultant and generally enjoys the esoteric.

Anya lives in the Southern Tablelands and is an active member of her local community.