Islamic Will

RMB is pleased to offer you an Islamic Will.

If you require any advice concerning your Will please do not hesitate to contact us and our reasonable rates will apply.

In our Islamic Will your estate is distributed in accordance with Islamic Law.

Personal Details

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Date of Birth
Child/Dependant #1
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Guardian (Optional)

You may include in your Will your selection as to who you wish to be appointed guardian of your children under 18 if your spouse does not survive you:


Three Elected Executors

It is your appointed executor who will carry out the terms of your will. Please list your chosen executors in preference order:



In accordance with the Islamic Shariah principles you are able to allocate 1/3 of your assets by way of bequest (not compulsory). These assets can be distributed to person(s)/or organisation(s).

Note: percentages are to be out of 100% where 100% represents the full 1/3 portion to be distributed. If you wish to distribute less than the full 1/3 then please provide the relevant percentage e.g. 50% would mean you are allocating half of the 1/3.


I acknowledge that I have read this document and I confirm that I have requested an Islamic Will notwithstanding being told by RMB Lawyers that they have not provided any legal advice to me regarding the appropriateness of the Islamic Will in my circumstances.

I acknowledge by submitting this Application form, that I have engaged RMB Lawyers to draft my Islamic Will. I acknowledge that I will be billed for all work done on my behalf. I acknowledge that the cost of obtaining an Islamic Will is $330 (incl GST) for an individual and/or $550 (incl GST) for a couple.

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