Traffic Offences

In 2016, there were 297 lives lost and 12,095 serious injuries on NSW roads. In 2017, there have been 291 lives lost and 12,195 serious injuries.[1] These are terrible statistics. Many offences that can lead to death and serious injury, like speeding and driving with alcohol present in the blood, end up in the Courts to be dealt with.

Your licence is a precious resource. Most people in Australia would find it difficult to live their day-to-day lives without one. That is why you need to protect it. The best way to do that is to meet our society's expectations in relation to driving on the roads.

The Courts are very concerned about 'general deterrence'. We understand the holistic function of the Honourable Courts. This function is to deter offending and rehabilitate people in order to protect the community.  Therefore, in many circumstances, we will advise you to meet the Court halfway in this function which will always go towards a lighter punishment. We can recommend a number of rehabilitative programs and courses in order to help protect your right to stay on the road.

The Courts appreciate remorse and sincerity and completing a rehabilitative program before any sentencing hearing is always going to help you protect your licence.