RMB continues to pay childcare for Women Lawyers

13th July 2020
Category News

For almost 10 years RMB has paid a significant percentage of the childcare fees for Women Lawyers who wish to get back to their career at our firm after having children.

The firm provides financial support to our Women Lawyers who have children aged 0 to school age.  This assists some of our Women Lawyers to advance their careers and helps with the decision to return to work when balancing the important roles of career women and motherhood.  Importantly this helps clients gain access to the talent and skills of our Lawyers.

RMB believes in flexible work practices.  It trusts its team members.  We recognise that each of our Lawyers have different lives.  We work with our Lawyers to structure the working life that fits best with both high performance and other aspects of life.

At RMB we believe remote working:

  • Is about working differently not working less.
  • Will always mean different things to different people.
  • Should not compromise quality or assume quality will be compromised.
  • Will only work with trust and communication.
  • Means taking personal responsibility to make it work.
  • Complying with our work, health and safety obligations.